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A Witch for RPG Maker VX Ace


















Face w2face_w2_y1 face_w2_y2 face_w2_yr   face_w2_b1 face_w2_b2 face_w2_bla1 face_w2_bla2 face_w2_blar face_w2_blu1 face_w2_blu2 face_w2_blur face_w2_br face_w2_g1 face_w2_g2 face_w2_gr face_w2_p1 face_w2_p2 face_w2_pr face_w2_pu1 face_w2_pu2 face_w2_pur face_w2_s1 face_w2_s2

Credits to Tabi no Yadokari


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Update !

I think I don’t have any Robot characters here, even if I do, here’s more! Also a new tree-set for your selection.


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Maid Character!

First update after the long break ;;3
Enjoy like usually !
Maid character to Rpg Maker VX with the “XP” Style!

And a bigger avatar of the maid character.

By Tekepon FSM



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O’ mai gaad! It’s an update!

Haha I haven’t updated for a loong time.. I’ve been working with my own project on vx.. ^^;
Here’s one screenshot.. :X I’m not a good mapper but It’s still something :3
It’s a harbour/port where lives one old fisherman ;p I would also appreciate if you gave me any comments & suggestions n’ stuff :p


And here’s the real material update ~ Enjoy, like usual ^^;
This time it’s graphically enhanced & other way ‘better’ vx characters!
I will release them in two parts! First one here .v. (The first pic is the one from my game)

Credits: Tekepon


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New characters + faces!

Hello, it’s been a while but here are some characters + faces to use for your NON-COMMERCIAL game! <3


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Tadidum dum~


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Chars again!

Bla bla bla~

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