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It has been a long time folks!

It really is! But I’m ready to start updating the site again when I get back from our summer cottage in two days!!!
Your promised updates are finally here, I’m also changing the site template some time soon and upgrading lots of things!
Looking forward to release some more great resources to RPG Maker VX!!!



EDIT: Already fixed the Category menu for easy navigation!


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My random post

Pfft :3

Just something I wanna say to you people browsing my blog ; )

I appreciate everyone whos frequently checking back for new resources but even better would be if you could take a second and comment and give me your opinions on new posts, then I would see which ones are popular and add more of those and stuff : P You don’t need to register to comment, just fill in Name & Email (email for reply purposes) and you are free to comment! Thanks, love you all xP


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Just checked site stats and it was around 950 views atm IN 3 days.. I think it’s pretty good.. because my own views are not counted lol x)

It’s great to see that this site is helpful for some people ^_^!

Keep checking the site frequently and comment if you are not too lazy ^_^~


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Welcome to RM VX Resource planet!

Welcome to Rpg maker VX Resource planet!

Hello everyone, it’s Aweryn here. This new site will be updated daily with different Rpg maker VX Resources! So make sure you check the site for new updates!

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