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The mighty awesome Script “Database” :D

VXSJ Custom game systems V0.32

VXSJ Custom game system V0.32

Is a great overall game system created by zy-tomy ( )

I started a translation project ( from japanese to english ) just recently and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to fully translate the scripts because they have over 30,000 lines of text ( of course not all of them need to be translated ) Anyways, here are some screens from the system : ) (The screens are from the non-translated version.)

WARNING: Picture heavy! (Click the picture to enlarge it)

Menu screen + cursor, (The cauge on ralph is an FF-like “overdrive” cauge)

Inventory screen with separated slots for items (event, useable, etc..)

Skills with separated element windows

Different equipments take different amount of slots (for example. rare items take 3 and basic 2, and accessories 1) and you have 32 free slots to use ( can be changed in the script  ) The first option equips the selected characters with best available equips.

Character status screen with two different graphs and character profile which lets you add additional information about the char.

Skill system is like the equipment system, skills take different amount of points and you can equip various skills and make combinations

Skill level window

Party member selection window

Game difficulty setting (changes monster stats percentually)

Monster book with additional monster info~

Minimap (with different colours like. red for character, light green for npc, blue for objects )

Battle screen with cool command window ^^

Monster HP bar & Actor “overdrive” cauge boost

That’s it for now~

Hope you are interested in this awesome awesomeness x)



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