Biggest iconset EVER!

Yes, it’s the biggest one I’ve seen so far! Enjoy ::: D

Click for bigger view :3


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Just a few..

Scene pics for you.. : D



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Must have one of these again!

You can make some really wicked maps with this one : D
UPDATE: (Edited the image to work properly in resource manager.)

Some different treasure chests to suit your taste (hopefully..)

An RTP remake of the old RPG Maker VX RTP, I’ll add the rest if I find them from my pc lol .__.

You wanna have an empty shelf? Well here’s an empty shelf for you!!!
UPDATE: (To be edited soon to work with resource manager.)

What would a game be without clouds?? What are you waiting for? Grab these animated clouds and add them to your maps!

Enjoy ❤


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Animation time!

Two new animations for you guys! ^^;


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Maid Character!

First update after the long break ;;3
Enjoy like usually !
Maid character to Rpg Maker VX with the “XP” Style!

And a bigger avatar of the maid character.

By Tekepon FSM


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It has been a long time folks!

It really is! But I’m ready to start updating the site again when I get back from our summer cottage in two days!!!
Your promised updates are finally here, I’m also changing the site template some time soon and upgrading lots of things!
Looking forward to release some more great resources to RPG Maker VX!!!



EDIT: Already fixed the Category menu for easy navigation!


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O’ mai gaad! It’s an update!

Haha I haven’t updated for a loong time.. I’ve been working with my own project on vx.. ^^;
Here’s one screenshot.. :X I’m not a good mapper but It’s still something :3
It’s a harbour/port where lives one old fisherman ;p I would also appreciate if you gave me any comments & suggestions n’ stuff :p

And here’s the real material update ~ Enjoy, like usual ^^;
This time it’s graphically enhanced & other way ‘better’ vx characters!
I will release them in two parts! First one here .v. (The first pic is the one from my game)

Credits: Tekepon


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